Quick catch up

Hi guys,

this is just a quick catch-up for those who might be searching for some first-hand information and experience from a cancer patient.

I remember when I was searching for cancer patients’ blog at the beginning of my treatment and found quite few blogs where the posts finished as soon as the person finished their treatments. Then I thought Did the treatments actually go well or wrong? Why the person haven’t posted anything since then? Are they living a happy life now or did their story have a bad end and that’s why their posts stopped?

And hence my today’s post.

Guys, I’m doing great. It’s almost precisely 6 months after my last chemo and almost a year since I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s. The time flew by unbelievebly fast! So if you’re at the beginning of your journey to regaining your health back, don’t worry, you’ll have it back in a glance of the eye! :)

Also one of my big worries during my treatments was the hair loss. I can cheer you up guys, I never lost all of my hair. I lost most of it, it didn’t look particularly good, but I actually managed going out without any wig till the end of treatments and actually never used it (just few times when I really felt ugly). I believe it was medicinal mushrooms that saved my hair but who knows why I ‘got lucky’ with my hair. You can check below pics of my hair at the end of my 6 months’ treatment and after 5 months. It grew back quite quickly, isn’t it?


April 2015 vs. October 2015


June 2015 vs. October 2015

I am now seeing my doctor every 3 months and watching out for any symptoms reoccurence and doctor is checking up my blood as well so hopefully all will stay great till at least the age of 80 and the bitch will never come back! That’s my plan now! :))

Heads up, think positive and you’ll be fine!

Kisses Olga xx

This is the end, oh actually, the new beginning!

Right, don’t know if anyone will actually read this but in case you do, let me just tell you this would be most probably one of my last posts unless anything happens to me that would revive this blog again. So fingers crossed you never need to hear from me again or if so then with positive news about how’s my life going post-chemo. Though I reckon my life’s going to be awesome from now on! :)

Just a short summary of what I feel was important for me in last weeks:

  1. I accepted the new ‘healthy’ me and am trusting my body again. Just need to actually start with some exercising again, am being rather lazy lately and using the ‘I need to start slowly’ sentence as an excuse 😀
  2. Speaking of which I have signed myself for Race for life which is a 5k run in London to support the Cancer research UK charity and to prove myself I’m strong enough to run 5k at least! Am running in July!
  3. I have also subscribed for a 6 week Introduction to yoga course as I think I really need to learn how to relax myself and learn how to release anxiety and breath properly. I think there’s something about yoga I need to discover and that will actually help me to control myself.
  4. I started coming to the office 3 times a week and it just feels awesome to be around people again!
  5. I have new colleagues and flat mate who came into my life just recently and are so nice people that I believe someone must have sent them to me!:) alongside my existing friends, those new friends really do make my life more interesting and also thanks to them I feel much happier every day!
  6. I was told by many people that my story inspired them and made them think about their lives and current lifestyles a lot which is for me the most beautiful side effect I got from my cancer treatments and must say it feels kind of ‘rewarding’ :)
  7. And here come my hair again! I still keep loosing them and am still complaining like ever second day to Honza about it but on the other I wasn’t able to start wearing my wig and people are not staring at me so maybe they just think there’s something wrong with me but that’s it, they don’t say anything. I’m actually thinking of cutting them short but am afraid it will look even worse…anyway I dropped few pics of my hair to my hairdresser and asked her opinion, maybe she tells it’s indeed time to wear my wig! uaaa

So this is it I guess! :) thanks for reading my blog and keeping in touch, I appreciate if you found some time to read my complains here and I appreciate even more if you got in touch with me directly, it was helping me a lot to know there are people who actually care about me, cheers guys, love you! <3

Complete final scan results

As promised, here comes few more details about my final scan results. I got the feeling that the doctor wouldn’t tell me much details if I didn’t ask for everything!? Maybe they like not to tell more info than is necessary but I had to understand the output of this 6-months ride, so I asked…

  1. I was worried about this Deauville score again, as I was given score=2. Why not 1 (which means no uptake at all) I was asking. Does it mean lymphoma is still there when there’s a small uptake? My doctor’s answer was that a) there was no active lymphoma shown on the scan, b) the affected area is still in the process of shrinking so if they made the scan few weeks later (as opposed to the 3rd week after my last treatment) there might not have been any uptake at all, and finally c) he himself couldn’t see anything of the scan (neither did I, it all looked clear compared to the initial scan image) and only the PET scan specialist with ‘big screens’ could see some uptake (so the interpretation of the results apparently also depends on how big screen and resolution you have :D).The bottom line was that I am in ‘complete remission’ as they call it. (WTF why don’t you rather say I’ve been cured??)
  2. Ok, he persuaded me with that score 2, and anyway if the doctors decided that score 2 means all is good, I go with it, can’t do anything about it anyway, can I? But what the hell the complete remission means, I asked? And here came the stats, finally something my analytical brain could understand!
  • 5% of lymphoma patients don’t respond to the first treatment at all and if I understood it correctly (I may have not, so don’t panic if you think you fall into this group) those may need to be given some kind of treatments till the end of their lives – good news is that luckily I don’t belong to this group as I responded to the treatment well and had my final scan clear
  • 20% of lymphoma patients do respond to the first round of treatments (like I did) but unfortunately lymphoma comes back at some point, usually in first months or years after finishing first round of treatments and some other treatment needs to be provided to the patient – good news, I decided not to belong to this group either! (If you believe it, it will become true!)
  • 75% of lymphoma patients are cured after first round of chemotherapy treatments and live their lives happily ever after! That’s interestingly high success rate for a cancer, isn’t it? – amazing news is that I decided to be one of those 75% and will do my best to accomplish this goal! I promise I behave but don’t want that cancer bitch back, ever! So as my doctor said, the more time I stay in remission, the more likely it is I have been fully cured with the chemotherapy treatments I was given. I read somewhere that the most critical are the two years after treatments. So fingers crossed for me!

Even though I expected to be told that I have been successfully cured and it’s all gone, this is not exactly what they told me (and it’s probably understandable, I’ve been diagnosed ‘only’ 7 months ago). Nevertheless, considering I was in stage 2 I believe I really cured myself from Hodgkin (I guess most of the 25% must be patients with higher stages of lymphoma, does that make sense?) and came from the experience wiser and stronger than ever before!

Thanks, cancer, for making me a better person and goodbye!

Happy b-day to me!

Took me few days to digest the news and there are still questions I need to raise with my doctor next week and consult my final PET scan results properly, HOWEVER I was told on Wednesday by the chemo nurse that my scan was good, there were no more active bits found in my body and basically that my treatment is finished! :)

Time to celebrate I guess! :))))

I’ll update next week with the complete results.

Oh and the tulips I found yesterday on my desk in the office :)



Endless waiting

Waiting for my final PET scan seems to be taking ages! It’s scheduled for 20th May however my last chemo was on the 5th! The time period in between those dates feels sooo long! Am I healthy, am I not, what’s gonna happen next?… All those questions spinning in my head along with random meaningless crying attacks, uaaa this is crazy I can tell!

I can do few more days though, can’t I?


Last chemo – checked!

Yaaay, last chemo done and last breberka checked from my sheet! :)

Also note my right arm, the PICC line has been taken out today and no one who meets me can actually suspect anything from now on 😛

Btw. Yes, those are my hair survivors! 😀

last chemo